Tuesday 24 February 2009

24th February Show - guest links

here are the Links to the Guests and Artists on Tonights show;-

Luisa on BBC iPlayer

Rowetta's website

Unsigned Artist - Energia, website and on Youtube;-

Monday 23 February 2009

Tuesday 24th February Show

Coming up on this week's show;-
Friend of the show. Luisa Gottardo, as seen on SuperAgent on BBC2, its like the Apprentice for telent scouts, she'll be telling us all about it.
Rowetta of X-Factor and lately of Rehab and Songs of Sister Act will be chatting to us about the show coming to Manchester soon and Rehab, currently on Living TV.
Join us at 9pmGMT on www.wfmradio.org/wfm.m3u
see you there!
Murry and Antony

LGBT Talent

I'm looking for unsigned LGBT talent to play on our show and to put in the Podcast. I can use unsigned tracks, but I cant easily use signed artists, in the podcast without written permission of the record company, there isn't a coverall licence for it.
If you would like us to consider featuring a track of yours whatever genre, let us know.
and if you can obtain explicit permission from the owner of the rights, please include that with it!

Monday 16 February 2009

Co Founder of Fitlads YouTube Video

This is the owner of Fitlads as featured on the show, spouting off about Jade Goody -

Joe Hill, co-founder of Fitlads.net, described Ms Goody as "a fat media whore cow" and a "vulgar woman" in the video.

read more details on the pink news website here

Sunday 15 February 2009

4th Podcast from 10th February 2009

The lastest podcast from the 10th february show is now online (click the link to the right) subscribers will get it automatically (you lucky people)

This show featured "Hump or Dump" a one off feature, that falied miserably really, only two humps and one dump. oh well! LOL

Other news items included, details of new owners of the Rembrandt, news on Matthew Mitchum and the featured artist was Dannii Minogue.

Hope you enjoy it! and dont forget the live show on WFM 97.2 every tuesday at 9 across South Manchester and online at www.wfmradio.org

Murry and Ant.

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Trans ID, petition Number 10

click the heading to go direct to the Number 10 downing street online petition site.

The government's plans for voluntary identity cards could pose problems for trans people, an activist group has said.

Gender Spectrum UK has launched an online petition aimed at ensuring the safety of people "who present themselves in a manner which is not the same as the gender to which they were assigned at birth."

A petition on the Downing St website asks the government to consider trans concerns in draft guidelines for the national ID card. The public consultation on the guidelines ends this week.

run the Manchester 10k for Charidy

www.afteradoption.org.uk - adoption agency

www.akt.org.uk - homeless lesbian and gay young people

www.ght.org.uk - hiv charity

www.lgf.org.uk - supporting and campaigning for the LGBT community

the run is on 17th may 2009

mr gayworld click here

let us know which one you like.

07530 43 70 56


Monday 9 February 2009

Love is in the air......Tuesday 10th February Show

It's nearly valentines day, so get your messages of love on air this week.

Fancy someone but too scared to tell them? let us do it!

email or text the show by 10pm 10th February 2009 for inclusion in the show!

It'll also be in the podcast!
+447530 43 70 56 or email tuesdaynightout@live.co.uk
Murry and Antony

Sunday 8 February 2009

Podcast 3 Online Now

The third podcast has been uploaded and subscribers will be getting it as soon as your feed updates! Or you can stream it by clicking the title above.

Thursday 5 February 2009

Wednesday 4 February 2009

3rd February Show - podcast is coming!

Thanks to everyone who contacted the show, we had a briliant one as always. it was fab being back on air after a week off, felt like forever, now i know how jonathan ross must have felt, hehe.

tonight we made our new promo, listen out for it on Wythenshawe FM at random times, and if you can name the show that gave us the inspiration, you win a prize, a night out with them, not us, its too cold, its the middle of winter you know!

Tho i do really want to go to roller disco next week, and my partner in crime wont go. :( any takers?

the new podcast will be online at the end of the week, probably sunday so get subscribing and rating us where you can!

catch you all soon!


Tuesday 3 February 2009

3rd february show hour 2 links

here are the items from hour 2;-


sugar and spice 3.

saturday 7th feb - free swimming at stockport grand central baths - 5-7pm

Trans Youth event - www.lgym.org.uk

Oldham - Tell us Your story - oldhamLGBTforum@oldham.gov.uk

Su Watch -


thanks and good night!

see you next week!

Murry and Antony

3rd February show hour 1 - LGBT History month

here a the items we talked about in hour 1 of the show tonight!

gay city rollers - MMU Union 13th February £4. book - joe.spencer@lgf.org.uk or tickets from clone zone and village offie, mind the steps!

Love at what Cost - LGBT Youth event for under 25s - 14th February info@lgym.org.uk

LGBT heritage trail - Sunday 7th February 3pm - tourist info for more info and to book - 0871 222 8223

Sunday 1 February 2009

World Aids Day 2008, Podcast Uploaded

a Podcast of our coverage of Manchester's 2008 Worlds Aids Day Candlelight Vigil that took place in Sackville Gardens, in the Gay Village Manchester, UK, on 1st December 2008 is now available as a podcast.

Organised by George House Trust, and the Lesbian and Gay Foundation with speakers from GHT, Manchester City Council, Women Asylum Seekers Together, Body Positive NW and Julie Hesmondhalgh.


After the vigil piece is an interview with Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley Cropper in Coronation Street) who read a poem. She talks about the vigil, the current statistics and her return to the street

click on the link on the right hand side to download it.