Tuesday 7 April 2009

Still Time to Win 2 Return Flights to Budapest...

to win the 2 flights to Budapest (all costs and taxes included) courtesy of Jet2, sponsors of www.pridegames.org answer these questions;-

1) what is the 12th logo from the top on the homepage of www.pridegames.org?

2) Where will the squash tournament be held

3) What do participants in the climbing wall event get for free

4) Where will the pride games sailing course and regatta take place?

answers to tuesdaynightout@live.co.uk by 9pm 5th May 2009

all answers on www.pridegames.org

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Anonymous said...


When I went to Budapest I fell in love with the old city. The walk to the high cliff stunning castle, fantastic. Thanks for a fab show, it gets better every week guys. Mx